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In 2014, the OECD together with G20 countries and in close cooperation with the EU as well as other stakeholders developed the standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters, or the Standard. This was in response to the call of the G20 leaders on international community to facilitate cross-border tax transparency on financial accounts held abroad. The Standard intends to equip tax authorities with an effective tool to tackle offshore tax evasion by providing a greater level of information on their residents’ wealth held abroad. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs the standard builds on the automated and standardised solutions that jurisdictions previously developed for the purposes of the intergovernmental operationalisation of the US laws commonly known as FATCA.
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Understanding CRS

CRS in Pakistan

The Model CAA

Financial Institution

Financial Accounts

Excluded Accounts

Reporting Requirements

General Due Diligence Requirements

Special Due Diligence Rules

Due Diligence - Individual Accounts

Due Diligence - Entity Accounts

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Wider Approach


CRS Consultancy is a dedicated website for Common Reporting Standard which has been recently implemented in more than 100 countries. The rules and procedures prescribed under the CRS are quite complicated and difficult to understand. This dedicated website aims to simplify the application of CRS by providing solutions at single click.

CRS Consultancy website has been designed to provide easy access to the vast and complicated information provided in the Common Reporting Standard. This has been done by firstly arranging all the information spread across various documents and handbooks on single website. Secondly, the CRS Rules mention various jargons the definition of which is important to understand. The definitions of those jargons have made available in tab of definitions through single click.

A dedicated real time electronic due diligence or “E-Due Diligence” procedure has been designed for identification of reportable accounts based on the due diligence requirements mentioned in CRS. This greatly simplifies technical issues and provides ease of understanding. It saves a lot of time, as this website can be used to run due diligence process to identify a large number of reportable accounts in less time.

This website works as a E-Learning for new incumbents who can understand the concepts and due diligence procedures in few hours.

  • Complex due diligence procedures and requirements compiled on single website.
  • Comprehensive definitions of CRS jargons at single click.
  • Dedicated real time “E-Due Diligence” procedure which you can follow to identify reportable accounts.
  • Various manuals, handbooks, circulars and documents available at one stop.
  • Regular Global updates on AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) and EOIR (Exchange of Information on Request)
  • Advisory on various issues.

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